Chemical/Hazardous Material Emergency Response

In the case of an accidental release of hazardous materials, Polyeco S.A. is fully qualified and ready to respond.  Please call +44-203-500-7659 in the case of an emergency incident.

Chemical and hazmat incident response – Road traffic collisions response – Response to Release of chemicals in inland waterways – Fire and Flood Response – Oil & HNS Spill Response Services, are within the scope of our operations.

For almost four decades Polyeco S.A. has offered 24/7 Emergency Response Services, deploying experienced and trained hazmat and project management chemical & environmental engineers. Personnel hold certifications on road/rail transport (ADR/RID), sea transport (IMDG), air transport (IATA), on hazardous waste operations and emergency response, NEBOSH international oil & gas technical safety and asbestos (ARCA).

Our intervention team is fully equipped with Personal Protection Equipment and according to the needs and level of each incident. Specialized equipment, such as Photoionization detectors (PIDs), XRF Portable Analyzers (heavy metals) and Radioactivity Detectors are operated to detect possible hazardous environments and further implement Response Operation Plans.

H&S and Operation Plans are enforced in accordance to International Standards on Hazmat handling including proper container and vehicle stowage. Disposal of hazardous waste is always in compliance to Basel Convention/EU Regulation 1013.


Polyeco S.A. provides:
  • Full inventory of spilled chemicals
  • Experienced and highly trained intervention team attendance
  • Hazardous material / Waste clean up
  • Hazardous material / Waste repackaging and environmentally safe final disposal
  • Coordination between incident manager, intervention team and competent authorities
  • Full compliance with local and international regulations