Polyeco S.A. successfully organized IMO OPRC LEVEL I / First Responders Training Course for its employees in Mauritius

IMO OPRC LEVEL I training course is for all technicians and supervisors who will participate in oil spill response teams, manage logistics and waste disposal operations in the field. The seminar provides an in-depth understanding of the main procedures and guidelines for the implementation of the first critical actions for pollution combating and operation of the available equipment and means for the collection of oil.

Aim of the course was for Polyeco’s employees to obtain knowledge and skills that can assist not only to the prompt response during an emergency but also in the prevention of a larger spill and even in the minimization of the environmental impacts.

The seminar was delivered by Environmental Protection Engineering S.A. (mother company of Polyeco S.A.) which is accredited by the British Nautical Institute according to the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) standards meeting the requirements set by the International Convention on Oil Pollution Preparedness Response and Co-operation 1990 (OPRC Convention).

Trainer on behalf of Environmental Protection Engineering S.A. was Ms Eirini Mariaki, Head of Training Services and Mr Andreas Moschous Operations Manager for Oil Spill Response Incidents.


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