Polyeco Signs Long-term Contract with the Mauritian Government for the Management of Hazardous Waste Disposal Facilities

Polyeco, having many years of experience, specialization and know-how in waste management, further develops its investment activity with an international project on the management of hazardous waste disposal facilities in Mauritius, Africa.

More specifically, following the successful completion of two environmental rehabilitation projects in the Mauritian state, Polyeco has gained the trust of local authorities, with its responsibility and effectiveness, thus succeeded in the international tender for the organization of a hazardous waste storage facility, carried out by the Mauritian Government along with the participation of many companies from around the world. The budget of the project amounts to approximately EUR 7 million with significant benefits to the local economy as well as to the environment.

The project concerns the operation of a hazardous waste storage facility and the creation of a specialized quality control laboratory for the analysis of hazardous waste in Mauritius in cooperation with the Ministry of the Environment of the country. Hazardous waste will be analyzed, collected and repackaged in properly certified packages and exported with strict safety standards to specially approved facilities in Europe for further management, treatment and environmentally safe storage.

On the occasion of this investment that strengthens Polyeco’s investment activity towards extroversion, Mr. Athanasios Polychronopoulos, Executive Chairman of the company, said: “No one expected 10 years ago that a Greek company would be export know-how in the field of waste management. However, Polyeco has done it and we are very proud of this achievement. Having as a key parameter of our actions, the implementation of best possible practices internationally and our team’s long experience, we continue to further develop our international presence by promoting the Greek healthy entrepreneurship “. Mr. Polychronopoulos also announced the cooperation of Polyeco with the Government of Mauritius in the cultural sector too, through the implementation of educational programs in schools across the country aiming at raising the environmental awareness (Polyeco Contemporary Art Initiative)

Mr. Marie Joseph Sinatambou, Minister of the Environment of Mauritius, said: “Without this project, the disposal of hazardous waste would be uncontrollable and would negatively affect the environment and the health of the citizens. The high quality services provided and to be provided by Polyeco guarantee that this waste will be successfully managed, whilst ensure the absolute security for humans and the environment”.

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