Polyeco S.A awarded from the Ministry of Environment, Sustainable Development and Disaster and Beach Management in Mauritius after an Internationa tender the Operation, Management and Maintenance of the Interim Storage Facility for Hazardous Waste Management (IHWSF) at La Chaumière.

The Interim Storage Facility for Hazardous Waste is located at La Chaumière, Bambous with the main access from the Rivière Noire A3 Road.

The objectives of the IHWSF are to:

(a) Analysis, collection and acceptance of hazardous wastes
(b) Facilitate bulking, regrouping and reconditioning of hazardous wastes as deemed necessary and repackaging and labelling of hazardous wastes for storage and subsequent shipment to licensed facilities for recovery/treatment/disposal
(c) Store the hazardous wastes safely before shipment to licensed recovery/treatment/disposal
(d) To rationalize logistical costs through the collection, storage and shipment of the maximum
quantity of hazardous wastes

The operation of Interim Hazardous Waste Storage Facility will minimize the risks that hazardous waste pose to people and environment of Mauritius and provide the background to assess treatment solutions towards improvement of national treatment capacity.

Interim Storage Facility for Hazardous Waste comprises inter-alia:

  • Administration and laboratory building of floor area 250 m2
  • Workshop and consumable store of floor area 175 m2
  • Quarantine and packaging building of floor area 450 m2
  • Three separate hazardous waste storage buildings, namely:
  • Building No. 1: Inorganic liquids (including acids and bases)
  • Building No. 2: Non-flammable organic liquid and solid wastes, chlorinated hydrocarbons νliquid waste, mixed inorganic and organic wastes
  • Building No. 3: Flammable organic liquids and sludges
  • Container storage area
  • Weighbridge/ security block

The Interim Storage Facility for Hazardous Waste has been designed to store a maximum of around 1,700 tonnes of hazardous wastes at any one time.

The list of hazardous wastes accepted for storage at the facility is as follows:


(a) Inorganic liquid wastes

- Alkaline wastes with cyanide

- Alkaline wastes without cyanide with pH>9

- Acidic wastes with pH<4

- Wastes containing Cr6+ and/or other heavy metals

- Other inorganic liquid wastes


(b) Inorganic solid wastes

- Sludge containing heavy metals

- Oxidiser wastes

- Unused/expired chemicals, other than reactive and oxidizer wastes

- Other inorganic solid wastes


(c) Organic waste with flashpoint < 55°C (Flammable wastes)

- Liquid flammable organic wastes

- Solid flammable organic wastes


(d) Organic waste with flashpoint > 55°C (Non-flammable wastes)

- Liquid non-flammable organic waste

- Solid non-flammable organic waste


(e) Mixed Inorganic/organic liquids and solids

- Special wastes (pesticides, chemicals, etc.)


(f) Pharmaceutical wastes
(g) Waste aerosols
(h) Compressed Gases


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