Polyeco S.A.  maintains the highest quality of equipment in stockpiles strategically placed around the globe. A variety of equipment has been selected to cover all operations regardless of the climate & conditions. Systems are response ready for any major or minor incident.

  • Numerous emergency response/multipurpose vessels
  • Workboats & landing crafts
  • Offshore emergency response/support vessel (MRV AEGIS) with OSR equipment, including dual advancing system
  • Tanker Vessel AKTEA OSRV (EMSA)
  • Containerized equipment packages
  • Oil skimmers in a variety of capacities (2-362m3/h)
  • Dispersant equipment & dispersants
  • High capacity off-loading pumps/systems for use with equipment & for directly pumping crude/other oils
  • Offshore, nearshore, shoreline & on-land
  • Oil booms & absorbents
  • Temporary tanks/bladders storage systems
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Ancillary equipment
  • Temporary command/emergency stations
Waste Management & Chemical Spill Equipment

State-of- the-art and emerging technologies are extremely important to waste management, transportation and disposal. Polyeco Group invests in these technologies while also operating traditional equipment and methods to manage waste in its various forms.

  • PPE from confined space entry & LEVEL A up to LEVEL D Hazmat Incidents
  • Health & Safety Decontamination Units
  • Pumps for corrosive, flammable, toxic materials, ATEX
  • Air Sampling, cassettes
  • Sampling Tubes
  • Groundwater sampling
  • Portable sludge treatment containers
  • Photoionization detectors (PIDs)
  • Colorimetric Tubes
  • Radioactivity Detectors
  • Sealing’s for tank containers
  • Special sealing’s for leaking containers
  • Absorbents and Spill kits for all type of chemicals (corrosive, mercury etc)
  • Special Barriers to control liquid spillage