Corporate Social Responsibility 

Corporate Social Responsibility constitutes of systematic voluntary integration of activities in a social, environmental and cultural dimension in our every-day practices which, though cannot be categorized as sheer charity or public relations, significantly contribute to sustainable development firmly founded on the principles of ecological, financial and social sustainability.

Since its foundation in 2001 and with continuous efforts, POLYECO implements projects & practices which depict its values and define Corporate Social Responsibility.

POLYECO is a member of the United Nations Global Compact, the greatest global initiative on Corporate Responsibility. As a member of the Global Compact our company has committed to align its principles with ten globally approved principles in the field of human rights, labor, environment and fighting corruption.

We believe that Corporate Social Responsibility relies on the interaction between societies and enterprises. Our corporate social and ethical responsibility isn’t constrained by geographic and political borders, but extends to all countries we provide our services.

Effective Contribution to Sustainable Development and Progress of the Values of Professionalism, Research and Innovation, as well as Social Responsibility, fully integrated within a healthy and sensitive society.

Our company is ready to confront the great challenges of the future, aiming at Environmental Protection.


     Polyeco Contemporary Art Initiative                           


Polyeco Contemporary Art Initiative (PCAI) is a not-for-profit organization which was established by POLYECO in 2013 as a means to raise environmental awareness through the medium of contemporary art and to challenge our perceptions about the realities we live in.

The transition from still to moving image in the past decades has had a huge impact in our visual readability and that is what motivated PCAI to focus on – although not restricted to- this dynamic medium of expanded art cinema.

Innovative and dynamic, PCAI commissions international artists to create artworks of moving image inspired by environmental issues. Often provocative, the works also initiate artistic dialogue. Today, PCAI has commissioned 14 film artworks by renowned Greek and International artists amongst which are Wu Tsang, Mika Rottenberg and Giorgos Drivas. Eleven of these films were presented for the first time in public in the context of Paratoxic Paradoxes exhibition (curated by Nadja Argyropoulou) in Benaki Museum, Athens in the spring of 2017 along with Documenta 14.

PCAI also collaborates with and supports international art organizations with the same vision on a wide range of activities.


Sensitive to its role towards the community, PCAI is committed to its educational role. Its programs are especially designed to address environmentally sensitive issues through the medium of digital art starting from the young age of children attending elementary schools.

Believing that environmental consciousness should be cultivated at an early age, PCAI has also created PCAI Junior, an innovative educational platform for schools in Greece and abroad.