700 metres of shorelines successfully cleaned up at Ile Aux Aigrettes.

Pointe Jérôme, Mauritius, September 12, 2020

Clean-up operations are being carried out unabated for the past four weeks in the South East. Since 7th of September, 700 metres of the rocky shorelines of Ile aux Aigrettes have been successfully cleaned up. Phase I of cleanup has also been completed at Ile aux Fouquets.

The experienced personnel of Polyeco, a pioneer company in environmental protection services and sustainable waste management solutions, by using techniques as, flushing, high-pressure washing & sorbent wiping, efficiently removes the oil from the shorelines, beaches and islands of this pristine costal region. Since day one, Polyeco has joined forces with the local community to return the South-Eastern shores to the best possible condition, and the company is especially pleased with the progress achieved so far.

Polyeco has collaborated with over 120 local fishermen and residents. So far, the results have been impressive. Thanks to the efficient teamwork with the local fishermen and residents, Polyeco has cleaned up over 700m and 500m of heavily contaminated shoreline in Mahebourg and Rivière des Creoles respectively. The community has given us their support and our interactions have been fruitful. We are learning from each other every day”, says George Artemakis, Director of Oil Spill Response Department at Polyeco Group.

Polyeco has inspected the shores and the surrounding islands and mapped the level of contamination of each region and devised a detailed clean up action plan. Furthermore, the cleanup of 2.5 km of lightly contaminated shoreline between Blue Bay and Pointe Jérôme has been completed.  Under the supervision and consultation of the Mauritius Wildlife Foundation, Polyeco teams are wiping up the excessive oil with absorbents at the rocky shoreline of Ile aux Aigrettes.

The Polyeco team is on stand-by duty 24/7 and the sea surface is surveyed for any trace of contaminated debris or oil quantities. The clean-up techniques are selected according to the type of affected areas in order to effectively remove the oil from the shores.

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